Creating a more beautiful world for children.

The Love Quilt Project uses the power of love to change the lives of
vulnerable orphaned South African and American children, many of them
affected by the HIV / AIDS pandemic. 




About Us

The Love Quilt Project is a non profit that builds relationships between caring Americans and children in South Africa who are orphaned by the HIV/AIDS pandemic.  Through the LQP, lessons on kindness, tolerance, and compassion are taught to American & South African children.  The children learn how important it is to support children in need and are given small fabric squares where they can express the lessons they have learned through art and messages of love.  These beautiful art squares are then given to quilter volunteers who lovingly stitch these messages into quilts that are distributed to individual children in South Africa’s hardest hit communities and to American children who have been affected by HIV/AIDS.  What began as a simple vehicle for showing love and hope has become a bridge between two countries.  The LQP also funds education for the orphaned children in South Africa and teaches both South African and American children how the healing powers of love can change the world.