Monika du Sautoy | Partner

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Monika has always had a passion to help children. It’s what lead her to study physical therapy at the Medical University Eppendorf in Hamburg, Germany. She extended her experience at a Children’s hospital near Beirut, Lebanon where small children were treated for Poliomyelitis.

Following her husband to South Africa, she volunteered for a number of years in a township crèche. There she saw first-hand the dire need to help abandoned and HIV / AIDS affected children. She helped found the St Francis Outreach Trust, which built and managed two foster homes for these children. When a mission group brought quilts to the foster homes in 2011, Monika saw an opportunity to make others aware of the healing power of love and she joined in to help found the Love Quilt Project.

Monika lives in Cape Town and continues her charity efforts along with her husband.

Ed Cousineau