Dagmara Dominczyk | Sponsor

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Dagmara and her husband Patrick are very passionate about the Love Quilt Project. The married couple works with children, teaching theatre and directing school plays, and when introduced to the Project, they jumped onboard, hoping to help broaden the initiative’s scope and efforts. “If everyone devoted just a small amount of their time to causes that support and help children in need, the world would become more balanced, and a better place for our own children to grow up in.”

The couple are both critically acclaimed actors with a worldwide audience. Dagmara was born in Kielce, Poland and emigrated with her family to the US at the age of seven. Her father was a political activist and founding member of the Solidarity union, working alongside Lech Walesa to help bring about Poland’s first democratic elections in decades. Dagmara majored in Drama at Carnegie Mellon University, and has starred in films, television, and on-and-off Broadway for the past twenty years. Her first novel, “The Lullaby of Polish Girls” made its debut in 2013 and was described by The New York Times as “a coming of age tale…brimming with teary epiphanies, betrayal, and love, as well as the grit of New York City and Kielce.” She is currently writing a follow-up novel, as well as starting work on a new HBO show and an independent film, both shooting in New York City. Dagmara and Patrick live in New Jersey with their two sons.

Ed Cousineau