McKim Jean-Pierre | Intern


A first-generation American born to Haitian parents, McKim has a love of education and a desire to advocate for a brighter future for people of all cultures. Raised in New York and Massachusetts, she is now in her Sophomore year at American University in Washington, DC working on an International Service degree.

Her love of South Africa came after a six week program through The Experiment in International Living where she learned Peace, Politics, and Human Rights in South Africa. She discovered the Love Quilt Project in May 2017 and joined the team to focus on social media, quilter outreach and marketing efforts. When not busy with the Love Quilt Project, she keeps a jam-packed schedule balancing a full credit load with part-time positions as a Team Leader for a tutoring program called DC Reads, AU Ambassador, tenor saxophone player in AU's Symphonic Band, dancer on AU's Bhangra Dance Team, and occasional Zumba instructor to kids in the area.

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