Lwazi  Mofokeng | Volunteer


Lwazi has always tried to help others in her native South Africa. And when her job brought her to Washington, DC for a 4-year stint, she saw an opportunity to reach across the ocean by helping spread love through the Love Quilt Project.

After graduating from high school, Lwazi went to Vista University and graduated with a degree in Business Communication while taking courses in Human Resources, Economics and Accounting. She then worked as a GroundBreaker or peer motivator for loveLife, an HIV prevention initiative in South Africa. This is where her love of helping others was developed and nurtured. She later became Debate GroundBreaker where she tried to remedy social issues through discussions and debates at local schools and clinics.

Lwazi then began working for the Department of International Relations and Cooperation, South Africa, earning a Higher Certificate in Diplomacy and International Relations through the program. In 2012, she deployed to Washington, DC where she worked with various NGOs as the Third Secretary Socio Economic & Development for the South African Embassy. Here she met the board members of the Love Quilt Project and felt drawn to help out with the mission of spreading love.

She now lives in Pretoria, South Africa with her husband and two boys aged 4 and 8.


Ed Cousineau