"Journey" Quilt to be featured in Love Quilt Project Film

A video shoot kicked off last month to create a short documentary to help promote the mission of the Love Quilt Project. The video will follow a “journey” quilt from the creation of the art squares by American students to the quilters who assemble them into a Love Quilt to the delivery of the quilt to a South African orphan. “We hope to show how the power of love can change a child’s life by following the journey of this one quilt,” said LQP president Gretchen Ginnerty. “We hope to use the final video as part of our outreach for supporters and as part of the lesson for school children to learn about the project.”

The LQP team was fortunate to have the help of the actors Patrick Wilson and Dagmara Domińczyk for the filming of the students creating the art squares. Former news anchor, Will Thomas also joined in the production as part of the filming of the quilters assembling the journey quilt. Will is signed on to be a part of the filming when the quilt is delivered to South Africa along with 160 other Love Quilts this November. Patrick will tell the narrative in the final video. Keep an eye out on Facebook and Twitter for updates as we continue to shoot this powerful video.

Ed CousineauComment