More than 2.3 million children in South Africa have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS


South African children are in crisis.

HIV / AIDS has destroyed communities, disrupted lives and displaced children in South Africa. The numbers are staggering:

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Love changes everything

The Love Quilt Project began in 2011 when a group of parishioners from St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Arlington, Virginia traveled to South Africa to see the completion of a foster home for AIDS orphans. As gifts for the children, quilts were created and sewn into each quilt were messages of love from the church’s Sunday School classes. “The recipients were thrilled by these gifts and their powerful messages of love,” recalls Gretchen Ginnerty, President of the Love Quilt Project. “Our partners in South Africa encouraged us to find a way to continue this mission and The Love Quilt Project was born.” A team of volunteers recruited quilters from around the US and artwork created by children from scout troops, schools and community organizations was sewn into the quilts. Six years later, hundreds of quilts with their fabric art squares have been given to AIDS orphans in South Africa, wrapping the recipients in love. The project continues to teach American school children the power of love to heal while helping raise money to support South African children’s educations.